Quality Fixatives, Processing Reagents & Histological Stains

Let ANATECH be your dedicated provider of fixatives, processing reagents and histological stains.  We have a complete line of products intended to produce the highest quality preparations for light microscopy.

Product Safety & Efficacy
ANATECH is committed to offering products that feature greater safety, better efficacy, or both. When the use of hazardous chemicals is required we provide you with the most current safety and health data. Additionally, we carry OSHA mandated hazard warning labels for specimen containers and products. These labels make it easy to stay in compliance. We also offer products to assist in the recycling and disposal of hazardous chemical waste.


Direct Selling
In the United States, we manufacture and ship directly from our corporate facility in Battle Creek, MI. In Canada, our products are available from Inter Medico.

Contact us to directly to purchase our competitively priced histology fixatives, reagents and stains.